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Coastline Capital & Investments, Inc.

HARD MONEY LOANS for California Apartment Buildings

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Coastline Capital & Investments, Inc.


CA Hard Money Loans for California Commercial Properties

Coastline Capital & Investments, Inc.

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California hard money loans, Los Angeles, San Diego, California lender

Specializing in California Hard Money Loans in San Diego & Los Angeles

Coastline Capital & Investments, Inc.

Specializing in California Hard Money Loans in San Diego & Los Angeles

Hard Money/Private Loans from $50,000 – $20,000,000

Hard Money/Private Loans for Construction, Commercial, Multi-Units, Mixed-Use, and Investment Properties

Hard Money/Private Loans to 65% of conservative value (LTV)

Hard Money/Private Loans to Foreign Nationals, LLC

California’s Premier Hard Money Lender

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California’s Premier Hard Money Lender, fast, efficient for Construction, Commercial/Multi-Units/Mixed-Use buildings and Investment Properties

Coastline Capital & Investments, Inc. (servicing mostly San Diego and Los Angeles counties) is one of California’s premier hard money and private money lenders. We have been providing fast efficient service for over 25 years and have successfully closed in excess of $300 Million in privately funded loans since inception.

Because of our speed and attention to detail we have been fortunate to create opportunity for all parties involved with each transaction including Borrowers, Investors and Brokers. If you have a challenging timeline where you are up against the wire and you need an answer or commitment from a lender, this is where we separate ourselves from the competition, as our experience allows us to “approve on the fly” which is a huge benefit to our borrowers. Providing we are satisfied with all representations as to the pertinent details of the loan and ultimately the VALUE, we can close the loan as quick as title and escrow can be completed.

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